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Expositor’s study Bible

18/01/2018 Apps

We recommend this Bible to everyone! Enjoy the classical version of the Bible, the Holy King James, with Expositor’s Notes placed directly after the verse. This Bible makes you want to read it because you can understand it! This Bible along with various commentaries is the best bible you will ever read due to the commentary information that accompanies the KJV! The author of the Expositor’s Study Bible was Jimmy Lee Swaggart, an American Pentecostal evangelist, Christian music singer, andRead More

KJV commentary

18/01/2018 Apps

Welcome to the best app to study the Holy Bible, free, offline and audio version! It contains the traditional English version of the Bible, King James Version, enriched with the Scofield Reference Bible. Although there are many alternative versions, more than half of Christians in the world choose King James Version as the best option to read the Word. This classic English text has an extraordinary power because of its accuracy, readability, and beauty. Even though the KJV is sometimesRead More

Catholic Bible

18/01/2018 Apps

Welcome to this new app that offers the Catholic Version of the Bible. Download Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible (CPDV), published in 2009. Enjoy this translation of the Bible in contemporary language. The CPDV is a verse-by-verse translation of the Latin Vulgate, made using the Challoner Douay Rheims version as a guide. It is an ideal Bible to understand the word. Download this easy reading bible but faithful to the original texts in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. Furthermore,Read More

Adam Clarke commentary

19/12/2017 Apps

Are you a serious reader of the Bible? Now you can join the growing number of Christians using a Bible app to read the Holy Word. Download this new audio and study Bible for free. Don’t miss the opportunity to have on your phone the best commentary Bible to study the Word. We offer the Holy King James Version with commentaries of the British Pastor and theologian Adam Clarke. Immerse yourself in the Holy Word of God with this usefulRead More