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Easy to Study Bible

19/01/2018 Apps

Do you find it so hard to read the Bible and understand what it says? Try our easy to study Bible app! Free and very useful! There are several reasons that sometimes make the Holy Bible hard to read and study. First, the Bible was created several centuries ago in a very different culture. Second, the Bible was composed of different types of literature: history, law, poetry, prophecy, letters, and songs. Third, the Bible was written by many authors overRead More

Expositor’s study Bible

18/01/2018 Apps

We recommend this Bible to everyone! Enjoy the classical version of the Bible, the Holy King James, with Expositor’s Notes placed directly after the verse. This Bible makes you want to read it because you can understand it! This Bible along with various commentaries is the best bible you will ever read due to the commentary information that accompanies the KJV! The author of the Expositor’s Study Bible was Jimmy Lee Swaggart, an American Pentecostal evangelist, Christian music singer, andRead More